Small, Friendly Community

Everyone is super welcoming and We keep it that way by overwhelming new members with support. You're welcome to go at it alone, but it's always easier with friends.

No Pay-to-Win

It's simple really, We don't sell power for money and you cannot beat your neighbors by taking out a loan.

Community Run

While every server needs an owner, the Community truly runs the server. While server admin are promoted from the community, generally no issues arise requiring admin help.

Reasonable Grind

Working hard for achievements always feels better but you shouldn't have to grind forever to get started. Our 3x Skill Gain/Time helps reduce this will preserving the accomplishment.

Admin Support

Need help? Should the need arise you can directly contact BiosElement, the Server Owner via Discord.

Discord Chat

This is a great way to help stay in touch with other players from different time zones or work schedules. You can also speak directly with the server admin or ping one for support.

Server Support

The single best way to support the server is to play on it, tell your friends, help new players and hangout on Discord!

While I never want anyone to feel like they're forced to donate, the server does have costs both in services (eg. Server Costs) and time (eg. Sleepless hours fixing the server, community management, etc.). I'm an unemployed student currently and intend to keep the server alive as long as possible but it would be irresponsible to refuse support.

With that in mind I'm accepting donations and in return I'll be adding supporters to a Supporters rank on Discord and placing their names in-game. Please only donate if you don't expect anything else in return. Also please note that I prefer Patreon as it provides a public record and also automation for Discord, but I'll honor either system.

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